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Frequently Asked Questions

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What Is Assisted Living?

Assisted living provides each individual with the amount of senior care necessary to allow him or her to maintain his or her independence within the comforts of home. It also provides a personalized alternative to seniors who need more assistance in their lives, but do not require the full-time attention associated with nursing or home care.

What Is the Difference between Assisted Living and a Nursing Home?

Assisted living is not a nursing home. Our residents may be frail and often need assistance with medications, meals, walking, and other activities—but they are not chronically ill. Assisted living does not staff nurses around the clock. At the same time, because assisted living is a residential model of care, residents have more choices and control over their living arrangements and activities than in more institutional facilities.

Senior Living

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Do You Provide Skilled Care? How Long Can a Resident Live in Your Facility Before Going to a Nursing Home?

We do not provide skilled nursing care, but we do welcome physical therapy, hospice, and home care professionals to our assisted living facility as if they were visiting you at your home. We offer permanent residency options; however, there are times when permanent residency simply isn't possible. For instance, if a resident has surgery, he or she may need skilled care for a short time before he or she moves back into our community.

What Services & Amenities Do You Provide?

Crabapple Hall offers 3 nutritional meals served daily in the dining room, medication management, coordination with residents' personal physicians, utilities (excluding private telephone), housekeeping and personal laundry services, cable TV, and building and grounds maintenance.

Can I Live in an Assisted Living Facility if I Have a Wheelchair, Walker, or Have Difficulty Walking?

Yes. Most high-quality assisted living facilities, such as Crabapple Hall, seek to allow residents to remain in the independent living setting for as long as possible. Unless you have unusual problems, which would be discussed with our Administrator and House Manager, we accept and encourage people who need help with ambulation to live at our senior care facility.

Does This Mean You Can Prevent My Mother or Father from Falling?

Unfortunately not. It's important to be aware that no assisted living facility or nursing home can prevent resident falls, which are regrettably part of the normal aging process and therefore a natural risk in any setting. While we staff caregivers 24/7, we cannot and do not provide one-on-one assistance or oversight 24/7. Additionally, we do not allow bed rails, which are considered a restraint. This means that there are times, whether in a resident's room, the bathroom, or common dining areas, when a resident may experience a fall.

What Are Crabapple Hall's Visiting Hours?

When you live at Crabapple Hall, it's no different than living at home. You and your guests are free to come and go as you please.

Do You Have a House Physician?

No. Residents may continue to see their own physicians just as they did before moving into our home.

Do Residents Have to Give Notice if They Decide to Move Out?

Yes. We ask that residents give us a 30-day notice as they would with any living accommodation.

May Residents Bring Their Own Furnishings?

Absolutely. This is your home and you should have all the comforts and furnishings to which you're accustomed. Our residents enjoy decorating their own suite to match their personality.

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